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About Us

Bridge Counseling and Wellness was founded in January of 2015 by Nicole Sartini and Jennifer "Juniper" Owens. In 2014, the two therapists met and bonded over their passion for mental health and their shared use of mindfulness, movement, and nutrition for managing their own mental health and in their work with clients. At that time, there were no counseling practices we could find that offered these elements as a regular part of their services. A vision for a new kind of therapy practice emerged, one that honored a person's whole self and utilized the knowledge that the mind, body, and spirit are inherently interconnected. They hired their first clinician, Megan and rented a room next to their small shared office in the Heyburn Building on Broadway, continuing to offer free yoga and exercise classes, and a meditation group for all clients. Juniper and Nicole received feedback from colleagues that perhaps adding these elements to their practice was not appropriate. In response, they delved into research to ensure they were practicing ethically and to demonstrate why they believed mindfulness, movement, and nutrition were beneficial additions. This research led to the creation of a semester-long training program for integrative mental health professionals that is board-approved. Almost ten years later, Bridge has a team of 60 spread out among four brick-and-mortar locations, all trained in this signature program. We continue to offer free yoga and meditation groups and have added countless other integrative services. We also started a second company, the Academy of Integrative Mental Health, a training hub for mental health professionals, the Conscious Mental Health podcast for clinicians, and have found ways to serve our community beyond our wildest dreams while still honoring and respecting ourselves and our team. We could not have done this without the incredible professionals who share our mission and choose to show up fully to this work, or the people who choose to make use of the services we have poured our hearts and souls into. THANK YOU so very much for helping make Bridge what it is today.

Co-Founders Nicole Sartini and Juniper Owens on the day they opened their first Bridge location

Our Mission

Bridge Counseling and Wellness is an integrative mental health and wellness center in Louisville, KY. Our mind-body-spirit approach to mental health incorporates whole self-care, improving outcomes in therapy and increasing the overall health and well-being of our clients. We provide holistic mental health counseling and supplemental wellness services, such as free meditation and yoga classes, for those who are struggling with things like stress, anxiety or depression. These services cater to anyone seeking to enrich their lives, move through challenges in a healthy way, and build emotionally intelligent foundations for authentic inner peace. We strive to embody respect for self and others by operating a business in alignment with our values and a desire to serve the greater good in an inclusive and meaningful way.

Our Vision

Bridge Counseling and Wellness seeks to provide culturally competent, socially just and highly skilled care to anyone who seeks accompaniment on their healing journey. We are dedicated to continuing to lead the way in Integrative mental Health Care through both our client services and our educational platform for mental health professionals. We are dedicated to serving a broader range of individuals by offering outside the box approaches to personal evolution and mind-body-spirit wellness.



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